Team Estrogen, Hillsboro

A history of building strong partnerships

We believe H & A’s continued success stems from the expertise of our staff – many with over 40 years of construction experience – and the relationships we have built with clients, architects, and subcontractors over the years.

Our two founders, Craig Helmer and Roger Avery, partnered in 1961 starting a small firm to build houses. Roger soon left the company, and Craig expanded into commercial construction.

Craig’s leadership and no-nonsense approach to quality construction laid the foundation for the company’s continued growth and success over the years.

Scott Olsen, our current president, started in his early teens with H & A working summers and during college breaks. Scott’s majors in Architecture and Landscape Architecture closely dovetailed with his practical experience working in the field. After college, he worked as an estimator and project manager before being named president when Craig retired in 1997. Scott has followed Craig’s model of an honest work ethic, done correctly the first time.

Bob Able, our company vice-president, earned a degree in Construction Management from Washington State University. Bob’s education, construction knowledge, and experience gives him an edge in creative problem-solving for any challenge, whether related to a client’s budget, schedules, or the need for continued facility operations during construction.